JaID is knowing you and your
loved ones are always in control.
JaID is the first platform to leverage the immutable power of your DNA and blockchain technology to link your physical person to your digital presence.
Our self-sovereign platform offers a unique solution that helps families and organizations protect their economic security and embrace the modernity of a digital lifestyle in one step.
The immutability of JaID establishes a foundational identity layer unique for each individual, enabling a lifetime reusability across different systems.
JaID 2024 is Safety in the Sky. Imagine the world where proof of ID equals human traceability.

Forever JaID in 1-2-3 Easy Steps

  • Members are onboarded to the JaID platform with a provided DNA collection kit (containing a non-invasive swab for oral collection).
  • The collected DNA sample is returned in a prepaid envelope, that contains no other personal information, for processing by our accredited laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025).
  • Once DNA-VERIFIED ID is processed, members will activate their JaID digital ID with their unique PIN and their unique account is ready to use.

DNA-VERIFIED: Safety & Transparency

Our DNA-VERIFIED technology does not include any physical attributes or sensitive health data. STR-ID’s technology utilizes the same accredited ISO 17205 standard that is compatible with the DNA technology used by emergency management agencies around the world. More specifically, our system does not have access to or retain any DNA-VERIFIED information.

Blockchain: Security

With the combination of DNA-VERIFIED and blockchain technology, JaID provides a secure and tamper-proof digital ID, reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud. Blockchain data security is an inherent part of its structure, creating an immutable ledger of transactions, ensuring data integrity and protection against alterations of any kind. All personal immutable data, including DNA-VERIFIED information, is securely encrypted using dual AES/RSA encryption and stored using blockchain, accessible only to the identity’s owner and their pre-authorized trusted circle.

Self Sovereign: Personal Proxy System

JaID’s self-sovereign platform gives our members the ability to pre-authorize a trusted circle to access their encrypted information, including DNA-VERIFIED information, in a secure and transparent manner. Our members and their families can rest assured that they are prepared. This capability is especially important during emergency situations, where having access to crucial information can make all the difference.

Limitless Applications

JaID is designed to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, enabling members to control and share access to their personal digital documents (for example, powers of attorney, wills, personnel files, and medical directives) within one secure ecosystem. Our DNA-VERIFIED dynamic QR codes can also be placed on selected e-documents and e-signatures to ensure authenticity.

Our Mission

First and foremost, our commitment is to humanity.
The STR-ID team comprises experienced professionals in human identification, genomic technology, system security, intelligence, and privacy management.
Through our professional experiences, we have seen the developing needs, and realized our ability to make significant, positive impacts, on the global identity challenge.
We believe that by each of us taking control of our own identity, we can empower global opportunity, financial inclusion and secure access to more people around the world.

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